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The Leader in Aircraft Fuel Tank Leak Detection and Repair

Aviation Fuel Systems Repair, Inc. is an FAA Approved Repair Station specializing in aircraft fuel leak detection, repair and fuel cell recertification. Some of the services we have available to you are:

Aircraft Fuel Leak Detection

YES, your aircraft HAD, HAS, OR WILL HAVE fuel leaks. When this occurs it can be a costly and time consuming effort to repair. AFSR can supply the expertise to reduce the cost and down time with trained and efficient technicians.

Structural Repair-Modification

Because some fuel leaks are caused by stresses and structural changes to the fuel tanks, a certain amount of structural expertise is required. We have the personnel qualified to handle such issues. Again this is eliminating the need for an additional supplier.

Fuel Cell Recertification

We are certified and have the capability of inspecting and recertifying aircraft fuel cells. This is a service we offer for our customers to expedite the repairs needed and give you a one-stop-shop rather than having to deal with numerous suppliers to correct one problem.

Bacteria and Corrosion

When left unchecked, these can and will cause extensive damage to your aircraft. This damage can be reduced and kept to a minimum with proper maintenance and inspection. AFSR can correct and treat this problem as well as performing periodic inspection.